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 · Watch the latest episodes of First Dates or get episode details on Season 1. Season 1; 6 out of 8 Episodes loaded from Season 1. Episodes (8) S1 E8 | S01E04 Episode 4. July 11, Channel 4. Daniel from Aberystwyth, who's 31, is on his first ever date, hoping to overcome his nervousness around the opposite sex. At just 4' 11", 40 Fred from First Dates invites single people to his very own summer season of love at a luxury hotel in the south of France. First Dates Hotel - watch online: streaming, buy or rent. We try Episode Davide admits doubts about Ekin-Su, Adam gets a trio of dates, Gemma and Luca get their first seaside date, and Becky Hill performs. Reality First Dates Uk Watch Online Season 8 News, Blécherette Single Heute, Amriswil Kennenlernen Leute, Dating In Germany Thunstetten, Singles Landkreis Naters, Oensingen Face To Face ... read more

How will Lorna react when Charlie tells her he's looking for his perfect 'unicorn'? And can Olympic kickboxer Aston inspire Olympic bobsleigh athlete Jordan to turn over a new leaf and settle down? Can meat-loving teacher Marie control her sledgehammer wit when she finds out that her date, Davin, is a vegan? Sexagenarians Lynda and Philip both like younger men. And DJ Tom is back. Will young-at-heart octogenarians Patricia and Alan find love?

Ruby's only ever had dates with bad boys; how will she react when Kriss reveals his sensitive side? And Jonas says he's completed Tinder. Are tennis-playing Stephanie and ex-rugby player Stuart a match made in heaven? Janet, who's 71, and George, who's 87, both crave bedtime antics. And self-confessed cougar Marie returns. Charlotte, who's 24, is bravely returning to the dating scene a year after she was tragically widowed. Teresa's 66 and has a lust for life; can James keep her entertained?

And Ruby's back. Twenty-five-year-old businessman Justin has never had a girlfriend and has turned to self-help manuals to improve his understanding of women so model booker Maisie is in for a big surprise when he uses what he has learnt from the books. After her first date at the restaurant didn't work out, Teresa, 66, hopes to find someone who shares her passion for partying, so she might have found her ideal match when year-old Lee arrives with a hangover.

A surprise ending leads to a First Dates first in this episode. The diners looking for love include Bristolian parents Ibiba and Aarron, year-old stand-up comedian Lynn, and fantasy novelist Sarah.

Hairdresser Ben sits down for a meal with sales manager Daisy, but romance hangs in the balance when his eye wanders from his date to a pretty waitress, getting him into deep water.

Fantasy fiction writer and self-confessed geek Sarah returns for a sequel after her last date went pear-shaped, and is matched with bookies manager Nick. With his cover boy looks and cut-glass accent, Adam comes straight off the slopes at Verbier for a date with 'ex-pat brat' Sophie. And can diamond in the rough Kevin charm blonde glamazon Meguel? Danielle is 18 and tired of boys asking to take her for a drive. Is Tom what she's looking for? Colin was born with a birth defect that resulted in a missing leg.

He meets bubbly phlebotomist Tracey. Becca and John bond over their eccentricities, but how will she react when he drops a clanger about David Beckham? Meanwhile, Carl and Marissa's date gets intense, spiritual and really quite steamy.

Will Tallulah's date with singer Teddy hit the high notes? Visual glazing enhancer window cleaner Daniel bonds with Margot Robbie lookalike Lora over nostril waxing and raving but is he over his ex? Lee from Leigh meets the girl of his dreams but forgets her name. Meanwhile, in a First Dates first, a mum and her son, Jane and Bobby, visit the restaurant together, each looking for love. Cupid has a big surprise for mum-of-two Emma. Is lofty rocker Squid the man for six-foot-tall Kat?

Charming science student Sameer hopes to meet Mr Right. And will Fran be dapper Will's English rose? Nervous rugby player Phil meets Sarah who's 21 and has overcome bone cancer. Raymon's He meets ballroom dancing enthusiast Cecelia.

And can brickie turned model Frankie charm glamorous PA Rosie? Her date is Star Trek fan Martin from Essex, while year-old hairdresser Bonnie hopes semi-pro boxer Perry is the man for her.

However, it remains to be seen if Cupid's arrow strikes any of them. Eve, who's 22, has alopecia. She's never been on a night out without her wig until now.

Showing off her amazing head tattoo, she stuns teaching assistant Jordan with her beauty. Violinist Maggie, who is 63 and has played in orchestras around the world, is searching for a man who shares her passion for the finer things in life and all things fabulous - can retired police officer and divorcee Alistair match up to her standards?

Bricklayer Molly, 19, works with men all day, and her date is charming warehouse worker Hussein, who has to cope with her laddish banter. Dairy farmer Ben hopes to find romance with marketing assistant Alice, while classical music singer Zoe dines with amateur dramatics enthusiast Tim. The restaurant also welcomes Sara, who has been single for eight years. Could straight-talking animal lover and dog trainer Nicky be the right woman for her?

Ladies' man Luke, 30, is ready to give up playing the field and is searching for the one. His date is year-old PR manager Sophie. Tired of turning up to weddings alone, she's looking for a man to become her 'plus-one' in life. The restaurant also welcomes Bristolian mother of three Mandy, whose date is year-old landscape gardener Andrew. After years on the road, year-old professional singer Precious is looking for a man to make sweet music with.

Does her date - suave year-old amateur magician Earle - hit the right notes with Precious as he serenades her?

Company director John, who's 28, is looking for a man to marry and start a family with. His fellow Scotsman Greig, an old romantic, is looking for a feisty companion, but will John's brutal honesty halfway through the date end their potentially beautiful friendship?

Hebe, who's 20, is confused by the dating game and has never been on a date. On the verge of giving up on finding a man, she's pinning all her hopes on her date. She meets year-old fine wine merchant Charles, who's tired of the playboy bachelor life and is looking for a punchy, zingy and full bodied woman.

Free-spirited Mancunian musician Charlie, who's 25, is looking for a woman who shares his love of travelling. Nicky, 44, is reaching for the stars when it comes to finding her perfect partner. This astronaut in training is looking for a man who is out of this world. Her date is Daniel, a well-travelled motoring journalist. He lives life in the fast lane but wants to find a lady to join him on his world adventures. Will the stars collide on their first date? Next is year-old road sweeper Bruce, who isn't prepared to hang up his dating shoes just yet.

He wants a lady to share his evenings with and to just love him for him. Bruce's date is mother of two Yvonne. After years of being single, she's ready to put herself first and to find that one true love to keep her company into her twilight years. And year-old professional dog walker Milo is looking for a woman who can keep up with him. His date is straight-talking charity worker and fellow Londoner Angelica, who works with animals all day but wants someone to cuddle up to at night.

Archaeologist Sophie hopes Second World War enthusiast Mark will be the man for her. Also entering the romantic restaurant is comedian Kelly, who worries that she tends to intimidate men. Can high-flying entrepreneur Russell handle her banter? Plus, mum-of-four Heather, 72, hopes retired businessman Gary will keep her company in her twilight years. Can he bring his A-game when he meet teaching assistant Helen?

Other diners include rock fan Anthony, who meets retired nurse and fellow northerner Barbara. She's an amateur magician with a few dating tricks up her sleeve. Diners include Sherry, a year-old dominatrix looking for romance. She hopes chartered surveyor and t'ai chi enthusiast John might be the man for her. Meanwhile, Hannah, 40, is looking for a man who shares her love of adventure. Could year-old Christmas tree farmer Rob be her Mr Right? Nahida from Liverpool is searching for a man who shares her passion for food, and her date is with fellow Liverpudlian Thomas, who describes himself as a loveable bear.

Ex-cruise ship worker Dale, 46, has been single for five years since his partner passed away, but is now ready to put his faith in Cupid again, and his date is year-old massage therapist Chris. Teaching assistant Liberty's looking for a man who can handle her 'right amount of crazy'. Octogenarian Doreen wants a man who can keep her on her toes; is author James the one? Science technician Ian has a date with shy nursery nurse Stacie and glamorous year-old dental nurse Cece is looking for someone who can see that beauty is more than skin deep.

Aldine, 42, has been engaged five times without ever making it down the aisle and project manager Paul, 38, is looking for a woman with a bit of spirit, but could Aldine be a bit too much for him to handle?

Dramatic events unfold on fashion assistant Jade's date with wrestler Lewis. Chelsea girl Montana meets cheeky chappy Joe. Can gregarious aristocrat Count Anthony bring shy Silvia out of her shell? Alasdair and Lee bond over their love of the pop parade. Stu lost his sight 13 years ago; he hopes to meet a feisty redhead. Wrestler Lewis returns to the restaurant, for a date with barista Lauren. Laboratory engineer Daniel, 39, attempts to keep his nerves under control when he meets year-old lingerie designer Lauren, while 6' 3' firefighter Nikki hopes rugby player Ross will sweep her off her feet.

Call centre worker Zoe, 21, is looking for an intelligent and ladylike bookworm and sits down for a meal with Grace, a well-read year-old physics student with a penchant for grammatical correctness, and HR adviser Leah, 34, is matched with year-old blue-eyed boy Andy from Middlesbrough. French-born Gladys, who's 26, comes from a family of aristocrats.

She's searching for her perfect English gentleman to take home to visit the castle. Accountant and ballroom dancing enthusiast Robert, who's 28, has spent time in France and has no problem talking the language of love but can he sweep Gladys off her feet? Meanwhile, used car salesman and self-confessed Jack the Lad Joey, who's 23, meets year-old fashion blogger Jodie, who seems to attract guys who all fit the same pattern.

A chance encounter the night before their date provides an initial spark but was it fate or misfortune? Can celebrity singletons Sinitta, Michael Fabricant MP, Roman Kemp and Jan Leeming find love with unsuspecting members of the public?

Can painter and lawyer Josh court student and waitress Sophia? and Lesley and Babs bond over their mutual admiration of Michelle Obama. Natasha, who's been out of the dating game for a couple of years, meets laid-back Oskar. Glamorous Emily and model Matt discuss aliens. And year-old Michael's roaming eye gets him into trouble. Student Leah's on her first ever date. Welder Daniel and student midwife Emily bond over their shared love of romcoms.

Pilot Antonia hopes to meet a man who wants to know the woman behind the uniform. Podium dancer and fire breather Khloe, who's 24, is looking for a man to light up her life. Former Ibiza club promoter Rick shares Khloe's love of music; will they hit the right note by the end of the night? Scooter-loving mod Neil, who's 61, is searching for a lady to join him on the open road.

Retired pub landlady Eileen, who's 62, is also a mod. Will they ride off into the sunset together? Swansea beauty queen Yasmin, who's 23, meets year-old Welshman Matt, who shares her love of meditation.

And year-old ecologist Andrew has recently returned to the UK after spending time overseas. He meets year-old aid worker Charlotte, who's spent years traveling the world helping others. When talk turns to countryside pursuits, it becomes make or break for Andrew and Charlotte. Recipe developer Mimi, who's 25, is looking for a fun-loving fellow creative.

All seems well when her date, year-old rugby referee and sausage roll maker Joel turns up with a gift for Mimi. Will his culinary creativity win her over? Theatre producer Sue, who's 67, is searching for her leading lady.

She meets year-old American psychologist Beri, who's looking for her English rose. Will love blossom between them? At first sight, tall, dark rugby player Dan seems to tick all of Irish model Laura's boxes, but when she finds out what he does for a living, things could take a turn for the worse Nature-loving tree surgeon Matt, who's 30, is a hopeless romantic who falls in love easily.

He's looking for a free spirit who shares his passion for the outdoors and for dancing. His date is year-old hula hoop instructor, marketing assistant and 'modern hippy' Lucy, who's looking for a kind and sensitive man. Matt turns up with flowers for Lucy; will love bloom by the end of the evening? Fitness fanatic Jade, 24, sits down for a meal with Jak, 29, a yoga lover in touch with his spiritual side and who shares her love of exercise and tattoos, while fashion stylist Christine, 70, and entrepreneur Peter, 71, share stories of the Swinging Sixties.

Health club manager Donna, 51, is a born romantic with old fashioned values at heart and her date is year-old stetson-wearing Simon from Dallas, Texas, who's happy to stand out from the crowd and is looking for a strong woman to stand by his side. Bina runs a bridal business; does Joban make her want to don her dream wedding dress? Will born adventurer Stephen run a mile when he finds out that Dina wants to start a family?

Mandy and her ex-husband Stuart visit the restaurant together for dates with globetrotting Adam and divorcee Claire. Meanwhile, can tall, handsome J prove there's more to him than meets the eye? Lyn has a surprise for her date: she's pregnant. Can Rebecca see past Freddie's nerves? Second World War veteran Richard, who's 97 - and the oldest person ever to grace the First Dates restaurant - shares a date with year-old Ruth. Elsewhere, legal PA Jordan is set up with year-old basketball player William, but the pair soon find out they have a little too much in common, and science technician Ian returns to the programme and meets Emma, who is on her first ever date.

Dental nurse Jade hopes to get her teeth into a tall alpha male. She meets strapping, handsome tree surgeon Tom. And female sumo wrestler Sharran meets ex-bingo-caller David. Pop singer Ben, who was a smash hit in the s, meets Sarah, who used to have his poster above her bed. And will student James's unconventional party trick impress Emilie?

Ketan, who has autism, meets Brodie, who's looking for a man with quirks. Kit has been single for 37 years. He wants to meet a man who shares his passion for the royal family. And will James from Hertfordshire get the seal of approval from Kate Middleton lookalike Jodie? Trainee accountant Ruth is a carnival dancer in her spare time and spent thousands on a Brazilian bum lift, but it has been attracting the wrong kind of men.

Her date, Michael, is looking for a woman with perfect rhythm. Can he avoid mentioning her derriere? Spiritual mum-of-two Katherine brings her lucky crystals to the restaurant as she sits down with fellow divorcee Andy, and Claudia has never found anyone who is so enthusiastic about Harry Potter as she is - so when her date Jack walks in covered in tattoos of the boy wizard, it seems they are in for a magical time.

How does New Yorker Bryan react when art dealer Simon says his ideal man would have a more toned physique? Max and Esther bond over a shared love of words. And is Ben the nice guy Leora's looking for? Ex-pop star Jay and call centre manager Brett reveal some surprises from their past and play a game of dare. Primary school teacher Richard gives his date Jess a '15 out of 10'. Lee's ready to hang up his party hat and settle down, and Abbi immediately catches his eye.

Meanwhile, can Cameron help politics graduate Joe leave the singles market? There's a special guest at the First Dates restaurant, as Fred's father visits from France. And naturally, he has a way with the ladies. Meanwhile, reformed teen rebel and unlikely baker Sunny, who's 33, is the 'king of cupcakes' but isn't as skilled at dating. He meets Misha; is a cupcake enough to spark a romance between these two self-professed boffins?

In a First Dates first, twins Rebecca and Stephen, who are 22, nervously embark on a double date. They live on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere and are very inexperienced at dating. Die-hard Cher fan Stephen meets legal assistant Emily, while Rebecca 'had to Google how to flirt'. Can she entice engineer Kristian?

Gail from Sale, who works in sales, hasn't been on a date for 20 years. Will the stars align for sci-fi fans Warren and John? Former reality TV star Aisleyne is looking for a man with 'the heart of the Dalai Lama, the personality of Russell Brand and the body of Rocky'. Diamond grader Sachen and financial lawyer Priya discover that they've met before.

Make-up artist and model Danni meets bar manager Aiden, the tallest man to ever enter the First Dates restaurant. Flirtation turns to faux pas as the drinks flow on songwriter Kristina's date with photographer Nicola. And will cheeky charmer Billy's fear of butter harm his chances with blonde bombshell Olivia? Chrissie and Jonny have one of First Dates' most sexually charged dates ever. Meanwhile, Rodney, who's 45 and has never had a girlfriend, meets Mandy, but they don't have flirting down to a fine art.

Ruth wants to find a man who can keep up with her in her saucy seventies. Meanwhile, TJ, who's been told that he looks like Johnny Depp, turns up for his date after a few daytime drinks. Helicopter pilot Paul, who's also a cross-dresser, embarks on his first ever date dressed in women's clothing.

Sexy geeks Hannah and Dan bond over everything from video games to school insecurities. Josh and Natasha bond over having fabulous hair, but commit some hilarious dining faux pas.

Georgia is looking for a football-playing Cara Delevingne. Serial dater Jack, who's looking for a 'naughty sort', thinks his luck's in when he meets glamorous fire-breather Safina.

But will his laddish charm impress her? Is 6' 4" trucker Tony the 'Neanderthal rock god' that Lynda's looking for? And is there chemistry between neuroscientist Michael and publishing assistant Hannah? Can kizomba dancing queen Carina side-step away from situationships and into a real relationship with actor Kevan?

Meanwhile, romcom fanatic Becky is looking for her very own Hugh Grant. Recruitment consultant Jack returns for a second first date at the restaurant, this time with hairdresser Shauna.

Mark, who's been single for 10 years, meets Claire, who's never had a relationship. The dating hopefuls in this episode include a builder who's finally ready for a concrete relationship, a naked bike rider, a pair of gamers, and a man who's been married five times.

Can year-old Italian restaurant owner Giovanni give Fred a run for his money on the charm front? Can Jason see past Tyrone's ADHD? And does barber Chris smell good enough for dental nurse Debbie? Will romance blossom for a pest controller and a good time Essex girl, a glamorous granny and a poet, or a working mum with a sideline selling and renting sex dolls?

Singletons looking for love include a makeup artist with strong family ties, a pair of microbiologists, and an ice cream man hoping to go from Mr Whippy to Mr Right. Live wire Bernard is dressed to impress in a suit he designed himself. Marco and Chiara bond over their shared Italian roots. Other daters include student Luka, who's fascinated by serial killers. The restaurant opens its doors again. Jessica seeks a James Corden doppelgänger. Dottie, who's 71, goes on her first date in 51 years.

Single mum Keely meets market trader Ben. Fellow Italians Marco and Chiara bond over their roots; criminology student Luka, who's fascinated by serial killers, meets musician Daniel; and two care workers from Preston date. Reiki practitioner Sairaphina hopes to re-energise her love life. Gym-bunny James arrives for his date with Mum in tow. Fiona bonds with her date over shared life experiences.

Model Tahiry, 23, struggles with stage fright and seeks a man who can calm her nerves. Thrice-married octogenarian Cliff dates year-old Margaret. Music producer Barry, who's 71, dates a former member of a pop group. PR exec Claudia, 26, looks for a date who won't make her feel 'ick'.

Welsh hairdresser Jess, 25, looks for a man who's a cut above the rest. Casey, 25, a charity shop manager has his dream white wedding all mapped out. Is his date husband material?

Reece, a year-old semi-professional footballer, is worried that his height will stop him from scoring with his date - year-old marketing consultant Ria. Cameras also follow funeral director and mortician Byron who meets year-old meets Lexi, an Ann Summers party planner. Other daters include bartender Rosco, who meets stunning year-old, Helen. Confident Chloe 'flirts her way through life' and is looking for a 'geezer' who can handle her. Is Anthony her man?

Dog walker Scearcia has a steamy date with Aurita. Anthony is 31 and has a wild past. He meets Lawrence, who's never been in love and feels his 'dating river has run dry'. Bev meets Howard, a former bank manager with a famous face. Is glam year-old Yasmin his match? And will waxing entrepreneur Sherie's Marilyn Monroe dress be a hit with Richard? Ex-market trader Dave meets Sara, whose previous marriage lasted five days.

Trendy Dennis and Chris wear matching trainers. Ruth has come to her date with 'Mike' - her colostomy bag. Maître D' Fred Sirieix and his team fling open the doors of the restaurant of romance once more, and first in is self-confessed party animal Nikita - a year-old from Swansea who's hunting for someone just as wild. However, she gets a little more than she bargained for when engineer Rhys reveals a rather intimate tattoo. Part-time fitness instructor and disco dancer Selvin meets Donna, who seeks a man who can make her laugh.

Will tattooed motorbike daredevil Stephen tickle her fancy? Singers Claire and Louise arrive at the restaurant to provide a bit of moral support to each other, making a foursome with Mathew, who works in a supermarket, and engineering manager Scott. But there's confusion over who will be dating who. Meanwhile, year-old Aryeh hopes fellow student Jack will not be put off by his overwhelming personality and year-old Meryl from Wirral is looking for someone to keep up with her when she goes clubbing.

Will Whitchurch divorcee Andrew be up for a dance? Thirty-four-year-old plumber Jamie hasn't had a proper girlfriend for almost 10 years. His date, Leigh, is seeking someone muscley and good with his hands. Shelly is a year-old personal trainer who has been single for seven years. Her date is David, a year-old retired firefighter who's been single for four years.

Father-of-two Nathan has had a successful career in sales. Last into the restaurant is year-old steampunk enthusiast Joe. His date is year-old Jess, who used to work at the Black Country Living Museum. American beauty queen and PhD student Camille is looking for love with an English gent, and is set up on a date with salesman Richard. Meanwhile, Shannen hopes to find someone to share love and laugher with again after losing her husband to cancer.

She meets fellow northerner Daniel, and the pair bond over beer and stories of times spent in Benidorm. The new series, set in an all-new Manchester venue, finds more singletons looking for love, from a glamourous gran to a parliamentary worker who loves to talk sex and politics.

Double-divorcee and 'hopeless romantic' Ian hopes it's third time lucky, with Amy. Scientist Gerald meets 'free spirit' Lisa. And will nervous Danny regret his five pre-date pints? Luxury car seller Sam likes his women 'fast and topless'.

Is former teacher MJ open to Sam's desire to explore the kinkier side of sex? And black belt Keira meets ex-footballer Max. Can Fred and co rustle up some love action on Valentine's for more hopeful singletons - from a wedding planner to an ex-politician and a West End actor who's looking for a first boyfriend?

Beauty queen and bricklayer Chloe seeks a girl with similar grand designs for a future together. India wants a tall, dark, handsome guy. And financial investigator Sylthea gives her date a grilling. Ex-strongman Matt meeds midwife Kat, who has a big story to tell. Will Devon housekeeper Luke's dream of an 'upbeat, fun Latino' come to life in the shape of David from Portugal?

The first of this series' couples bond over a love of Japanese culture, although nerves threaten their chances. A police detective goes on a date with a man who used to be on the force, an actor meets a journalist and Latin ballroom dancer, and an entrepreneur with a flashy exterior and even flashier car is hoping to find someone to settle down with. A Disney fan seeks a fresh start after losing her last partner due to a tragic accident, while year-old Craig wants to find a man who will share his love of dogs.

A retired Butlins redcoat has high hopes for her date, and a woman who has not enjoyed much luck on the dating scene may have finally found the man she is looking for. Those taking part include year-old Rory, who meets year-old Ella, along with year-old self-confessed man-eater Caroline, who has been on 50 dates in the past two years.

Tattoo enthusiast Adam returns to First Dates hoping to romance year-old single mum Laura, who is yet to meet a man who accepts she has a child. Urologist Abi may know all about the male anatomy, but realizes her job can scare off some men. An international DJ who has learned some new things about her sexuality after a recent holiday to Ibiza now has to get to grips with London's same-sex dating scene - which is not easy when her first date is someone she previously blanked on a dating app.

A man with deteriorating vision and a desire to start a family is paired with a trombone player, while other candidates include a full-time carer and a medical student looking to date outside her profession.

A sexual health advisor with two soon-to-be-married daughters goes looking for love, and a part-time singer enjoys an evening with a professional magician. Other visitors to the restaurant include an accountant contemplating parenthood, a car enthusiast who has been single for seven years, and a call-center worker who has yet to fall in love.

A new series begins with comedy queen Carol. Twenty-six-year-old Charles has never been kissed. And two south London sisters, both single, are keen to do something about it. Cake maker Fiona is a self-confessed 'princess' while Jessica loves lager and football and doesn't want to change. How do they get along on their first dates with Rakim and Ryan? Kim Kardashian lookalike Becky seeks a 'manly man' who'll love both her and her snake.

Is leather-clad Lee the one? And is Sean the settling-down kind of toyboy that Emma wants? Madeleine has a weakness for dad jokes and rugby fellas. Sophie says she often picks the wrong guy - so while Danny looks good, why is he flirting with the barmaid? Can cocktail mixer Jack stir Alice's feelings? Will beautician Sophie and party girl Tori bridge the age gap? And might sparks fly when dog groomer Brenna meets electrician Ross?

It's Valentine's at the First Dates restaurant, and there's an extra serving of romance - for broken-hearted Chris, singer twins Hazel and Brenda, and Saskia and Roisin, who can't stop flirting. Gym boss Rebecca wants to get her love life in shape. She likes 'tattooed guys who look like trouble'. And can Adam help Sophie believe in men again? Maître d' Fred Sirieix re-opens the First Dates restaurant, as more singletons arrive looking for love, including an Essex male escort, an eccentric gas fitter, and a something mum.

Will Natasha's quick wit give stand-up comedian Mani a run for his money? First Dates. Watch About EPISODES CAST. Season 1 Season 1.

Episodes 8. A dater who's never been kissed hopes to break his unlucky streak; a DJ looks for love outside the club; a trans dater seeks his perfect match; a power couple takes shape. A pair of daters struggle with self-image; a medium tries to impress his date by talking to dead people; the survivor of a near-fatal accident bares his emotions; a dater returns for round two.

Everyone can relate to the experience of a first date: the promise of potential love when it goes well and the hilariously awkward moments if it crashes and burns. From Executive Producer Ellen DeGeneres and based on the hit U. format, this new series offers a voyeuristic look at a variety of real first dates happening throughout one night at the same restaurant.

The audience will be along for the ride in a refreshingly authentic viewing experience that plays like a real-life romantic comedy. At the end of each episode, we will find out if the participants want to see each other again for a second date or if they will go back to the drawing board.

First Dates is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons 8 episodes. The series first aired on April 7, Where to Watch First Dates First Dates is available for streaming on the NBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch First Dates on demand at Amazon and Apple TV.

Watch First Dates 1 Season 6. Full Episodes Details. Filter by Source. Start Your Free Trial Do you have Prime Video? Never Been Kissed. One dater envisions her life as a part of a power couple; a man admits he has never been kissed; a vegan chef seeks someone to bond with over a love of kale; a dater finds out a secret about her match that wins her over.

I Take a Lot of Selfies. One dater talks about her insecurities from being bullied as a child; a medium wants to meet someone who understands his unique talents; a couple discusses the struggles of dating after a divorce.

You Wrote a Song About my Plant? Two Type A personalities collide; a pair of seniors negotiate sexual politics; a young man steps outside of his comfort zone; a former athlete seeks a bad boy to hold her interest; a small-town woman wants to settle down with a fellow sci-fi nerd.

Love Is Like a Shot of Tequila. Should I Try to Kiss You? One dater comes on strong and proves that age is just a number when it comes to love. Siblings go on our first double date. Meanwhile, the bathroom camera catches an honest reaction. A Cat is a Red Flag. One dater hopes her match will fill her checklist; cameras catch a dater in a web of lies. No Idea What Her Name Is. A man is inebriated when he shows up for his date; a pair connect over their close relationships with their mothers; a dater returns for another shot at love.

Wine Makes Me Crazy. A serial dater meets a virgin, a nerd looks for a spark, a military vet seeks an alpha male, a seven-time bridesmaid is ready for her moment and a pair of seniors look for meaningful connection. Watch Unlimited Prime Video TV Shows Anytime, Anywhere Ad-free Videos Watch Now Ad Info. If You Like First Dates, Then Try

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S01E04 Episode 4. July 11, Channel 4. Daniel from Aberystwyth, who's 31, is on his first ever date, hoping to overcome his nervousness around the opposite sex. At just 4' 11", 40 Fred from First Dates invites single people to his very own summer season of love at a luxury hotel in the south of France. First Dates Hotel - watch online: streaming, buy or rent. We try Episode Davide admits doubts about Ekin-Su, Adam gets a trio of dates, Gemma and Luca get their first seaside date, and Becky Hill performs. Reality First Dates Uk Watch Online Season 8 News, Blécherette Single Heute, Amriswil Kennenlernen Leute, Dating In Germany Thunstetten, Singles Landkreis Naters, Oensingen Face To Face  · Watch the latest episodes of First Dates or get episode details on Season 1. Season 1; 6 out of 8 Episodes loaded from Season 1. Episodes (8) S1 E8 | ... read more

A look back at classic meet-ups where daters get another shot at finding love. Max and Esther bond over a shared love of words. Affected by issues in the show? Another chance to see showbiz singletons on blind dates, from singer Alexandra Burke to Tory MP Michael Fabricant, Esther Rantzen, DJ Roman Kemp and Gogglebox's Sandra Martin. They bond over their shared passions for music, dancing and the lighter side of life; will they want to meet again?

Will tattooed motorbike daredevil First dates uk watch online season 8 tickle her fancy? At 45, she may be 18 years older than her 6' 6" hunky ex-soldier date Chris, but that doesn't stop her going after exactly what she wants After a difficult first date where his stammer got the better of him, he's back to try his luck at love again. Show more. Mystical world traveller Clare is 40 but says her 'spiritual age' is In this special episode in aid of Stand Up To Cancer, some of the daters discover that they've been matched with celebrity singletons.